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about 7 years ago

IMPORTANT: Certification Process FAQ

Question: What do I need to have submitted by the submission deadline - July 17th at 5pm EDT?

Answer: By the submission deadline you must have: 

  1. Visited the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office and submitted your Gear App to Samsung Galaxy Apps to begin the Certification Process.

  2. Entered your submission on the challenge submission form at, which also requires you to attest that you've submitted your application to Samsung Galaxy Apps (as stated above).


Question: Can I make updates to my Gear App in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office after the July 17th 5pm EDT deadline? 

Answer: Yes, submitters who have initially submitted entries at both and the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office by the July 17th 5pm EDT submission deadline are allowed to make updates during the Certification Period. However, the entry must pass certification by August 7th in order to be eligible. NOTE: Certification review may take one week or more. It is highly recommended that any bug fixes or updates be resubmitted for Certification as early as possible. Samsung does not guarantee that additional updates will be reviewed by August 7th.


Question: What version of my Gear App will judges evaluate?

Answer: The judges will review your submission to (which cannot be edited after the July 17th 5pm EDT deadline), as well as the latest version of your Gear App that has passed certification via the Samsung Glaxay Apps Seller Office on August 7th.


More questions?

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