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about 7 years ago

Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office is live!

The Samsung Apps Seller Office has had a mini makeover! For those of you who have registered on previously, here's what's changed. The updates are a result of Samsung's ongoing commitment to improving its apps registration process.

Name change

Samsung Apps Seller Office has been renamed as Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office.

Seller types: "Developer" or "Partner"

After you click "Register as a Private Seller" or "Register as a Corporate Seller," you can then select "Developer" or "Partner." Select "Developer" if you are registering applications developed with the Samsung SDK. Select "Partner" if you are an individual or corporation that has a partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. It may take up to three days for partnership confirmation. If the partnership is not confirmed, sellers must sign up for a membership again.

If you've already registered on the Samsung Apps store you'll be prompted to choose your seller type the next time you log in.

Simple Mode vs. Advanced Mode

If you do not wish to enter details, you can simply click [Switch to Simple Mode]. To enter detailed information, you can click [Switch to Advanced Mode] and continue your registration. For example, you can just click [Switch to Simple Mode] if you do not wish to enter non-required details such as your website URL.

Uploading an Integrated or Linked Gear 2 App

The registration process now includes a file type check. When uploading an Integrated or Linked Gear 2 App you may receive an error message that the binary is invalid. If you receive this message please follow the upload steps here

Have questions about the Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office website?

Select Seller Office > Support > Contact us at

In order to participate in the Samsung Gear App Challenge, you must become a registered member on If you haven't done so already, get started today!