Snorek Snore detector and warning

Detects snoring and warns you to stop snoring by making vibrate a Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

WINNER: Round 1: Finalist Prize

Snorek listens to you at night when you sleep and if you snore, it warns you by making vibrate your Samsung Gear 2 paired Smartwatch.

After installation follow the easy instructions on the screen to communicate your SmartWatch with your SmartPhone. Then leave the phone next to you and fall asleep.

Your Smartwatch provides you information about how many times you snored that night, along with how long you slept and the vibration length.

By pushing the Stop button on your SmartWatch, you will not be warned any more and your SmartWatch will not vibrate again.

If you stop vibration, Snorek will continue to monitor you and you will be able to check on the day after, how many times you snored that night, just by touching the screen of your Samsung Smartphone.

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