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Fleksy Was not supposed to be Eligible

After Reading the New OEM integration of Fleksy in Tizen Based Galaxy S, watch i remembered reading about a deal between Fleksy & Samsung Partnership in Reference to Gear 2 IME as well and have been considered as partners for a while now.... Just Wanted to point out how Clear and unprofessional the Rules where applied to the actual winners and selection process and how clear the "looking the other way" attitude towards regulation clearly Stated where ignored, dismissed and unfollowed.

A couple of days after the end of round 1, I already ran an emulated version of Gear S. Tizen OS and integrated in to it and being developed for a while was the Fleksy style IME, which due to the official announcement by samsung and fleksy in regard to their partnership it can more then assumed that the app has been finically involved with samsung in its design for Gear 2, since the Embedded one is already created tested and Prepared for the release of Gear S .

Qmog App is in clear violation of copyright's belonging to Zeptolab the creators and copyright owners of the imagery/and Character used in the app.

Their are a few more but i wish someone from the website Operators would be Honest and forthcoming in admitting such clear deviation from the rules set by them and samsung for sed challenge instead of ignoring Clear case clames made by others as well or answering with platitudes and roundabout hollow remarks that subvert from the Claim/Question.

I know this post comes rather post mortem and in high fighting spirits considering the time that has past, but i have followed the post announcement discussions, went over the Rules with a fine tooth comb and Researched the facts i wrote here and other things not mentioned to the point where i was sure 100 % that the Rules and challenge GuideLines/Rules have not been adhered to and that the Selection process was not on the up and up as they say.

I dont care as to wether my saying this can change something or not, But i am very dissapointed in the lack of proffetional care of the challenge and the Great Devs who really by any sane person where omitted from actual fair judging and recognition of valid Real and High quality work invested in their submitted apps instead they had to see some apps that regardless of taste are no more then mindless dribble made in C2 in 5 minutes of mindless "work" and like spagetti thrown against a wall in masses in hopes one sticks.

Well at least i said what needed to be said, i think that nothing but Politically void statements can be expected in response if any will be made


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    We can already keep calm: everybody who wanted already found a lot of "bad" examples. As you've already mentioned, there will be no comments from Samsung for sure and nothing will be changed. So just focus on other projects and good luck to everybody!
    Personally, I'm not planning to participate in Samsung events anymore, at least until I will see huge improvements in a way they organize them :( Even though we will have to take into account the compatibility of our apps with Samsung devices

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    I agree. further more im slowly shifting my focus from Samsung products.
    what puzzles me most is that only around these days at least 1 app should have been disqualified since the Information validation proccess and payment took a while and the bi-laws are rather heavy in that regards, statistically one person should have been disqualified around these days due to technical issues with personal information validation and yet this also has not occurred. its a shame the challenge was a great way to form a community and show it respect. but i have noticed that since the winners where announced the number of apps released has plummeted to close to 0, if anyone where to give people closure or answers to all these clear violations and poor handling of such a publicly publicized challenge, then maybe decent devs would still have good will and insensitive to keep up the creative and exellent work. instead we got 1000 rushed apps and then nothing

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    exactly. It's a pitty that I haven't saved the ordering of app when they've just published the list publicly. I remember correctly that I haven't found any reasonable criteria of it, but now I'm almost sure that it had one: the ones who "should win" were in the beginning

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    Funny that no one from the website would care to publicly comment on this

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