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Positive notes

Hey all,

The mood here is getting more and more gloomy. I'd like to balance it out with nice words.

1. Applaud to Samsung and ChallengePost for organizing this event. It's a great learning opportunity plus bonus reward.
2. Applaud to all contestants for joining and completing the challenge. There are probably hundreds of others who didn't even finish till the end.
3. There are some apps which I like and may use: Snapzy, Dslr smart remote, no look app launcher, multi watch.
4. I look forwards to nice competitive challenge from my competitors (similar genre): puppy pedometer (more pure pet game), qmong (linked game with phone and look polished) , my little alien (innovative idea on growing body parts. Look cute). We are coming up with more features in round two. Wait for it!

5. Lastly, very important. Samsung should address all the feedbacks and make next challenge better. These are your developers who will make or break your business.

Kind regards,

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    1. Applaud for what? For all those things people are complaining in other threads? Or because this was another competition where deadlines were extended and rules were changed? I see only two positive thing in this contest: winners were announced in time and there was discussion board available. What exactly is a great opportunity (if bonus reward is excluded)? That they allowed us to develop for their marketplace?

    2. What is is the difference between those who did not qualified for 2nd round and those who did not compete at all? Only that first group wasted a lot of their time :) Gear apps (especially standalone) are not profitable. That is the reason why I am going to delete all my apps very soon :) I'm not doing charity

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