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Gear App Challenge Round 2 Site Up?


Seems like there will even be a new Samsung Gear device available soon: judging criteria added for "Support of the latest Samsung Gear device" (unless they mean Gear Live?)

Also it appears deadline for certification is now October 10th. I personally approve of this change for a little more breathing room on improvements especially if there is a significantly new device to test against. :)


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    Is there another new device besides the Gear Live?
    That clause has always been there: "Support of the latest Samsung Gear device".
    I believe it was a placeholder but it very well might apply to the Gear Live now that it is public.
    I hope they will clarify if they mean the Gear Live in next weeks email, and they probably will. I can see why they might want that, especially since by the time the winners are announced, they probably won't be selling the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.
    On the other hand, simply testing against the Gear Live won't do. You'd have to rewrite all your code, so good thing it is not required.
    If we do manage to support the Gear Live, I'm wondering if we could just use all our videos and screenshots of that.

  •   •   over 9 years ago

    They say:
    "Information on device updates will be provided soon!" in italics.

    So maybe this will tell us whether they mean they'll be some firmware updates for Gear 2, or whether they mean the Gear Live.

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