•   over 9 years ago

How about sub-challene for losing apps.

I heard about 900 apps were submitted.

Of course some of it might be not good(mine?), but I think many of them have good quality.

In round 1, they(including me :( ) failed to get $2000, and more importantly the movitvation to upgrade their potentially good apps.

Then how about sub(?) challenge for every(or losing) apps for 2nd round?

Samsung could provide another prize for round-1-losing-apps for 2nd round, regardless of prize is big or small.

I guess at least 700 developers of wearable-world will agree with me, right? :)

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  •   •   over 9 years ago

    How about a newly announced Samsung Gear S watch for the developers who missed out on round 1 instead :)

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