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strange criteries

I've had 2 competitor apps with more or less the same idea in the initial list, both of them are in the final and I'm not, while I had more features (and some of them are very useful for that kind of app)
To be more precise, my app: Keep Cards, two others: GearWallet and Gear Wallet

Very disappointed...


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    It is actually even more weird as 'GearWallet' description is in Korean even rules says 'Participants are encouraged to submit entry materials in English or include an English translation or subtitles.'

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    Yes! When I've gone through the list, and found these two, I've thought that some people might like more the design of "Gear Wallet", but I was absolutely sure that "GearWallet" is not at all a competitor... And unfortunately I'm sure that there will be no comments from official representatives even privately (of course it is too late to change anything, but personally I would appreciate just a short comment, why)

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    dont be to sure, all those who cannot verify them selves at this point get disqualified and swapped with the next in line

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    we'll see

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    @ all, the selection criteria is definitely non-linear. But @everest3d also makes a bit of a fair point in that the judgement point of view is different. I believe this is to be expected, given the biases (and circumstantial effects) associated with human judgement.
    In the end, I believe we are all winners and have learned alot from this process whether our expectations were met or not ...

    More importantly, there is an opportunity to impact future contests by sharing your experience . A single person voicing his opinions (on any aspect of the contest .. e.g selection criteria, fairness etc) will have (arguably) little effect. However, when there is a consensus and plethora of opinions and viewpoints regarding the matter, there is greater opportunity to effect change . With this in mind, I'd like to invite you to share you experience again, via this poll http://goo.gl/o0XN1U .. if you haven't already done so. To all who have responded, thanks, an aggregate of the results will be posted at the end of the poll period.

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    I agree that human judgement of the judge is difficult to predict. Every finalist will need to ask themselves if they were chosen because they really have a chance in the finals or if it was a random stroke of luck and they shouldn't bother updating.

    The judgement of the mass market is even more difficult to predict and probably matters more. That's what I hope to learn.

    Is anyone willing to share their experience there? Has it been lucrative to develop the apps and sell them on Samsung Apps? If you make thousands that way, then you win either way.

    I can say that sales so far have exceeded my expectations, but my expectations were pretty low, especially compared to the costs and effort.

    At the same time, though, if you assume that Samsung is ordering the categories in order of sales, some of the entries that are being looked down on in this forum are outselling my app, and were likely produced for less effort.

    I think you will often find that the market doesn't crave uniqueness, lines of code, hours of work, or complexity nearly as much as us developers think they should.

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    Also have the same thing with my app News Wear as there are same app idea with less feature has been qualified and iam not. After i have spent time in developing and spent money in video crediting.
    Very disappointed

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