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App Installation Issue - W:14201 invalid ...

Hi Serena and JE0507,

Given that you are both moderators (and JE0507 is likely a Samsung Technical Expert), I would like you to kindly look into a matter I have been having for almost 2 weeks now.

Note : I have posted this issue on the Samsung developer forum (where I actively participate with the name tag chuvidi2003) . However, I believe it can be handled only by Samsung.
I have also contacted Samsung via the contact us button on the seller office over the past two weeks. They have kept asking me for more information, and asking me for more patience - but essentially, the issue (s) remain unsolved.

The Issues

First Issue
I have uploaded an app called Foqus (http://challengepost.com/software/foqus) on the play store and users CANT seem to be able to install it. They get an error - W:14201 invalid . I also have reproduced the same error on multiple devices.
There is no documentation about this error that I can find. From all indications, it appears it is an error with the samsung app store or seller office platform. Also, I cant exactly delete the app and upload a new version given that the app id has been registered for the Gear App Challenge. Finally, if the app cannot be installed, how will this affect the judging process .

Second Issue
I uploaded my app as a STANDALONE app. It appears that its status has been changed to an android app, and now I cannot upload a .wgt file ... its rejected as invalid. I realize this is queer, but it may be rarely-occuring bug in the selleroffice platform. The current version of the app is standalone (you can confirm this), but it strangely rejects a .wgt binary. More importantly, this means I have been unable to update the app for the Gear App Challenge. I am happy to provide more details .. screenshots etc if you would be kind enough to reply .

Im hoping this can be kindly escalated to the appropriate quarters soon, especially resolving the installation issue, given the distress it is causing to customers who pay, downlaod the app but cannot install it.


P.S .. If anyone else has this issue, please let me know how you went about fixing it.


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