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App rejected because of a screenshot

I made a mistake of including a Samsung device in my screenshots without covering the logo.

Now, after 8 days of testing Samsung has rejected the app because of copyright infringement. I wanted to contact support and ask for expedited review based on the fact that binary won't change but:
1) The support site: http://help.content.samsung.com/csseller/ is down with internal server error
2) The support email help.content@samsung.com doesn't accept incoming mail
3) When resubmitting the app, the registration process asks for a new binary and even insists that the version should change in it (although the app evidently can be rejected for non-binary related causes).

So... nicely done Samsung. Looks like I'm out of the game.


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    That sucks, especially since it's now 8pm in Korea and their weekend is underway. The contest rules don't even mention the logo/trademark thing (nor do they many of the other reasons submissions get rejected).

    Like I said in another post, they really need an evangelist/ambassador/liaison on their side to help everyone in the contest get through this bureaucratic process. Samsung is one of the biggest companies on this planet, they could *easily* make it happen if they want to (some guy from there posted on earlier threads, but maybe someone scared him off).

    It sucks having no solution other than to wait and hope, but if I were you, I'd change a log statement in your apk just so it would be different and resubmit. I'd also fill out the checklist, and include videos of your app being installed, uninstalled and everything else. Make it as simple as possible for them to quickly accept it.

    So that way if it isn't accepted you'd know you did everything you possibly could do and have at least that satisfaction. And good luck!

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    Hi Andris,

    All hope is not lost ... if ...
    When your app is rejected, you can re-register the same app ...
    Log into seller office, click the icon next to the rejected text .. this should launch a popup. At the bottom of this popup , you should see a button called "re-register application" .. Click it, and you can continue editing the application that was rejected.

    In your case, the binary is already there ... all you need to do is to remove the erring screenshot and re-submit it immediately.

    In my experience, changing the app details without changing the binary takes way less time .... I have had an app updated in about 30hrs when I changed just screenshots and description.

    All of this is valid, IF you did not delete the rejected application.

    Hope this is helpful.


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    That's good info, I had to re-register an app myself, but didn't know keeping the binary (I had to change it anyway) made such a difference in response time.

    Hopefully when my pending submission gets rejected this time, it be for a screenshot that I'll have enough time to change :).

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    @Nate920, @vykthur - thanks for the response! I must say that it doesn't work the way you say @vykthur. Perhaps something has changed with the new UI, but now if you try to re-register the app, the old binary has the status "rejected" and when you try to submit it shows an error message saying that rejected binaries may not be submitted and that I need to replace it.
    If I then replace it with the same binary, it shows me an error along lines - this version has already been submitted, you need to submit a binary with a new version.

    So really - there is no other option than to update the version in the manifest file and build another binary, and in the certification comment write that only the version has changed. That's what I did.

    I tried to contact the support (the website started working after a few hours), but they are too slow, no response for now. So I just resubmitted the app, but don't have much hopes for it. It's not even in "under device test" yet.

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    I guess you are right @andris.
    It would seem then that the situation I described above is valid "when" the app passes certification but only needs a quick screenshot or description update.


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    @vykthur, heh.. then I can just wonder why my case was considered different. That was the only noted problem - the screenshots.

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