•   over 8 years ago

Updating my app to my challenge post.

I re-submitted my app to Samsung Gallaxy Apps after bug fixing for certification.

And in my challenge post, I wanted to submit new app file, but in edit mode, there was no point for uploading it.

Is it normal?

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  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi alogblog,

    Thanks for your question. I'm sorry, but now that the challenge submission deadline (July 17th at 5pm EDT) has passed you can no longer update your challenge submission.

    It is understood that some modifications may be necessary for your app to pass certification. Per the update to registrants on July 16th, "The judges will review your submission to gearapp.challengepost.com (which cannot be edited after the July 17th 5pm EDT deadline), as well as the latest version of your Gear App that has passed certification via the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office on July 31st."


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