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Rejected: Need help duplicating (getting Gear Manager to show custom applications).


I submitted two clock type applications to the contest. About 7 hours ago, one of them was rejected with a bug I am unable to reproduce. In essence, the tester started it from Gear Manager and the time was one hour ahead. Switching back to another clock and then back to mine gave the correct hour time in their report.

I am unable to reproduce this despite many re-installs (including full firmware resets of my Galaxy S3 and Gear 2 Neo) and there is no logic in my code that does anything more than use the values the device returns from "new Date()". The only thing I'm unable to do from their test is set the watch face from Gear Manager as none of my custom applications ever show up there. (If I install new ones from Samsung directly, they do however).

As it isn't reproducable setting it from the Gear device itself apparently (either from a fresh deploy from Tizen Wearable or using sdb install), does anyone have any tips on how to get Gear Manager to recognize my clock faces in Home Screen Styler?

Thank you so much!


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    My clock app was rejected for the same reason. I'm also not able to reproduce since we're not able to set the Clock setting via Gear Manager with a clock app that was installed directly to the watch.

    I'll post here if I figure out how to get a clock app to be visible in Gear Manager. Sounds like it may be an issue with the locale not being set when a clock app is launched the first time and not something we'll be able to resolve in our implementation. It's just strange that other clock apps published to the app store already don't have the same problem.

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    I've tried to address the question on the dev forum . That way more devs can also see it.


    Hopefully this helps ...


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    vykthur - I was able to find a way to duplicate the error and indeed your solution is correct. This requires some work on my part to correct... not quite so much in these clocks apps but in another application that incorrect date reporting will cause inaccurate stat tracking in.

    All of the samples (which there are several) in the SDK use Date() to get date/time information. This type of bug existing and rejecting applications because of them isn't nice. Hopefully can still make it in time for the 31st.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Im glad you're able to fix the issue!
    Best of luck and Godspeed :)


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