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Certification period process

My app has been rejected because of some issues which I'm still troubleshooting. I'm wondering how the certification period will work.
If I enter a submission before 17th and will request for a app review also before 17-07 but if my app will be again rejected during certification period can I still resubmit fixes during this certification period and my app will still qualify for entry?


  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Did u signin ur Android Apk ? if not do it

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Yes I did sign apk (have integrated app) via Android Export method but used different new keystore for signing (when generating certificate-request I used a different new generated keys). Wondering if that might be the problem and the signing key for APK have to be the one used when generating certificate-request for signing wgt package.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    i am thinking that not a probelm. because u create certificate for ur tizen app not for android app. Please check the rejection reason on ur app list secton.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Thx Aneesh for tips. Unfortunately report doesn't provide much information only that "phone app is installed but unable to install gear app (0 error)" as two entries for 2 devices: Premium Galaxy fHD and Tablet Galaxy WQXGA - hard to say if this only occur and if they tested on those 2 devices or all (though Target Devices section include much more devices - I have SGS4 which seems to be fHD and have no issues. I think I will give it a try with remote lab.

  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi pzo,

    Sorry for the delay! We've just posted an update in reference to your question. Please check it out here: http://gearapp.challengepost.com/updates/1832-important-certification-process-faq.


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