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app not fully complete yet

Hello team ,
There are a couple of things remaining in my app and I think it will be done in the deadline. However I need to know if I don't have the completed app yet can i send request for certificates ? As I am seeing in the forum that people are waiting for it for long, I am worried that it might abstain me from entering my app. Is there a way around that problem without the certificate or something ??

Also if my app uses some external hardware which I can demonstrate in my video but how to pass certification for such apps because that extra hardware will be required to make the app work, and do I need to send in my device to the judges too ? if so how and till when ?

Please answer asap
Best Regards


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    Dear Nick,

    Even if it is not completed version, your app should be registered before July 17 and passed the certification by July 31. If your app break the timeline, it cannot be eligible submission for the challenge.

    About the extra hardware, you can upload the demonstrating video with your app for the certification. But for the judgment of the challenge, you should send the device to us. You can use the below address and please send it until July 31.

    Broccoli Company,
    1st floor, Dorothy Building, 628-34, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
    (Post code: 135-895 / Tel: +82-2-518-9369)

    Thank you,

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    Due to other commitments I too have had to downgrade what is ready for the 17th, with the rest of the function coming later - i.e. in the month after IF i get though stage one.

    Also getting learnings from a limited subset with real users is super valuable.

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