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registering application means submitting it ?


out application is not complete yet but i am seeing that the last date to register and get certification for app is 31st. So for that we need to submit app on app store ?

if yes then their it is only giving option of android app. not giving option of gerar app ?

I got certificate as developer but i do not know how to get certificate for my app. can some one give link and some information ?

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  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Hi UniversalStreamSolution,

    Thanks for your question. To be clear, the submission deadline is July 17th at 5pm ET. By that time you must have: 1) Submitted your Gear App to Samsung Apps; and 2) Completed the submission form on the challenge site (http://gearapp.challengepost.com/submissions/new).

    For step-by-step videos about how to get your Gear App certified and submitted to Samsung Apps, please visit the Video Tutorials page: http://gearapp.challengepost.com/details/videos.

    If you have further technical questions about submitting your Gear App to Samsung Apps, please post them on Samsung's Developer Forum (http://developer.samsung.com/forum). It is monitored closely.


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