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UI Design guideliness and contest

In documentation there is "UI Design Guidelines", telling how icons and all design/color theme should be.
Should developers comply with this guidelines, because for now only system apps are made in accordance with this guidelines (and 3rd party developer apps icons are colorful and not simple and clear).

Which apps will get more points for 4) usability, and 5) design: apps which use default theme and have white outline main icon, or some custom colorful apps with design not matching the rest of the system theme?


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    Thanks for your question. There is a UI Design guideline on the Samsung Developers Gear page (http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-gear), however it is only a reference guideline for developers.

    Developers do not need to comply theUI Design guidelines posted on the Samsung Developers page to be eligible for this challenge and adhering to the guideline will not affect how your application is scored by the judges.

    Thanks so much!

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