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Wearable tech. Ubiquitous computing. In a world where the future is at our fingertips, Samsung is inviting developers to take technology to the next level by creating innovative, functional, and original apps for the Samsung Gear 2.  

The Samsung Gear App Challenge is part of the series of "Samsung Smart App Challenges" which began in 2012. Over two rounds, developers will have the chance to win $1,250,000* in total prize money, as well as promotional exposure for their apps through Samsung’s global marketing channels.   

Round 1:

Developers around the world were invited to submit applications developed with the Samsung Gear Dev Tool. The top 200 finalists were selected by a panel of judges, and each received $2,000 in prizes.

Round 2:

In Round 2, the finalists from Round 1 have been invited to compete again for more prizes and exposure. Developers have been given additional time to improve and modify their apps. Judges will select the top 40 applications and those winners will receive a total of $850,000 in additional prize money and marketing exposure for their apps. 

In addition, the public will be given the chance to vote for their favorites among the top 10 apps to choose the Popular Choice Prize winner.

Grand prize, Second prize, and Popular Choice award winners will be announced at the Samsung Developers Conference mid-November, 2014.

*The total prize amount of $1,250,000 assumes that 200 applications will be submitted.

See the Full Schedule.


Round 1:

The Samsung Gear App Challenge is open to developers from around the world who have become registered members on the Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office website, including:

  • Individuals, and teams of individuals, 13 years of age and older. If an individual, or team of individuals, has not yet reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry and they win a prize, a parent or guardian will need to sign an affidavit on their behalf.
  • Organizations that, at the time of entry, have been duly organized or incorporated and validly exist.

Please note that the following individuals, teams, and organizations are NOT eligible for the competition:

  • Individuals or organizations based in a nation, state, province, or territory where U.S. or local law prohibits participating in the competition or receiving a prize.  See Official Rules for details.
  • Any application that is, or was, funded or compensated, partially or fully, by Samsung for its development is not eligible to participate.

Round 2

Only finalists chosen in Round 1 are eligible to participate in Round 2. Please see the Official Rules for full eligibility details.


General: Submitted applications must be Samsung Gear Apps created using the Samsung Gear Dev Tool.

Platform: Your app may be any one of the three types of Gear app: Linked (Master-Follower) Type, Integrated Type, or Standalone Type.

If the Host-side Application links to a Samsung Galaxy, then the application must support at least one device among Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4.

Online Store: All submitted apps must also be submitted to Samsung GALAXY Apps by the submission deadline and pass Samsung App Certification by the end of the Certification Period (see Official Rules for details).

Existing Apps: Existing apps may be entered, as long as the submitted application was not funded or compensated, partially or fully, by Samsung for its development AND as long as the application was not distributed on Samsung GALAXY Apps before May 1, 2014.

Language: Apps must have English language support and may offer multilingual support that includes English.

Round 2: Apps submitted in Round 2 must be finalists from Round 1 and must continue to meet all of the Round 1 requirements. Although it is not required, additional points will be given in Round 2 to finalists who update their Gear app to support the latest Samsung Gear S screen resolution of 360*480 during the Round 2 development period and pass certification for the Gear S device.

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$400,000 in prizes

Round 1: Finalist Prize (200)

Each winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize. In addition to the cash prize, winners will also receive marketing and promotion support from Samsung.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Round 1:

  1. Walk through the Official Rules to confirm you meet all eligibility requirements.
  2. Register to access the submission form and start your draft.
  3. Visit the Resources & Events page to get access to the Samsung Gear Dev Tool.
  4. Sign up for a Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office account – required for distribution on Samsung GALAXY Apps.
  5. Create a working Gear App that meets the requirements above, or enter an existing app.
  6. Create a demonstration video and take some screenshots of your Gear App. Participants are encouraged to submit entry materials in English or include an English translation or subtitles.
  7. Submit your Gear App to Samsung GALAXY Apps. Don’t forget to allow time for your app to go through the Certification Process and be released on Samsung GALAXY Apps before the Certification Period ends on August 7, 2014. Note: Certification and store release timing may vary depending on the app and when it’s submitted for certification review.
  8. Fill out your submission form (including all required fields) and submit!


Samsung Judging Panel

Samsung Judging Panel
A panel of internal judges from Samsung

Aaron Sheedy

Aaron Sheedy
Vice President of Mobile Products, Nuance Communications

Redg Snodgrass

Redg Snodgrass
CEO and Founder of Wearable World

Julia Hu

Julia Hu
CEO of Lark Technologies

Darrell Etherington

Darrell Etherington
Staff Writer at TechCrunch

Judging Criteria

  • Uniqueness
  • Commercial Potential
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Design

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