Gear Pre-development Preparation
Building and Testing a Sample Gear App

The video tutorial found below teaches developers how to build “Hello Gear!”, a sample gear application, using the Tizen SDK for Wearable, and how to test the applications using the Emulator.


Generating Certification

This video explains how to get an authentication certificate. Follow along with the "Certification Process" on


Submitting Your Gear App to the Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office

This video demonstrates how to submit a gear application to the Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office.


How to build a Basic Integrated Gear Application

This tutorial shows developers how to build a basic sample application for Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP). This is a three-part series. It also teaches how to test the applications using the Emulator. Part 1 is all about the development on the Android side. Part 2 deals with the development on the Tizen side. Part 3 is about the complete application for SAP, which is basically the packaging of the Android part and the Tizen part. 


Utilize the Accessory File Transfer on Samsung Gear

The tutorial analyzes how a Samsung Gear File Transfer application is created. This session is a four-part series. Parts 1 and 2 show the development on the Android part of the application. The first deals with the Service part of the application, while the second deals with the creation of the Activity part. Part 3 shows the development of the Tizen part of the application. Finally, Part 4 demonstrates the complete Gear File Transfer application, which is a package composed of the combined Tizen part and the Android part.


How to get user activity from Gear using Remote Sensor

Find out how to create a Samsung Gear Remote Sensor application. Remote Sensor allows you to collect remote sensor data from a wearable device. The data can be a pedometer data, user activity event, or wearing state. Bluetooth communication facilitates the transfer of sensor data from the wearable device. The Remote Sensor Service, packaged in the SDK, uses the Gear Manager to support the Bluetooth communication with wearable device. 


Guideline for Samsung Gear UI Design

Being called a companion device, the Gear 2 expands and enriches the mobile experience. The mobile device UI is the basis for the Gear 2’s UI allowing it to be optimized and fit for a small screen. In this tutorial you can familiarize yourself with the fundamental facets of the Gear 2 user interface.